Our team work hard to guarantee you pay less in order to highly increase your profit margin.
Our team members continually check prices and persistently negotiate lowest cost with our suppliers and shipping agents, offering you great values of either CIF/CNF cost.

  1. If a deal is reached & confirmed, East West Company will issue an invoice corresponding to the client’s purchase order.
  2. The client must remit 50% of the invoice value within 10 business days starting from invoice issued date.
  3. East West Co., Ltd will ship the purchased order and provide evidence of shipment to the client clarifying its ETD & ETA.
  4. East West Co., Ltd will dispatch necessary documents such as bill of lading, etc. to the client by certified currier after remaining 50% of the invoice value.

I. East West Co., Ltd only accepts payments in US dollar, other currencies will be converted to US dollar at the prevailing market exchange rate.

II. East West Co., Ltd cannot be responsible for changes in the exchange rate, the customer is responsible
for paying the full amount as agreed and in the agreed currency.

III. Payment by L/C (letter of credit) can be negotiated with our clients when needed.
Ⅳ. Payment by personal checks and credit cards are not accepted.
Ⅴ. Client’s import duties/taxes, any importing country port/entry fees, or any other fees incurred in the importing country is not the responsibility of East West Company and are not included in any quotations given by us. The client should be aware of these fees before purchasing.