We offer a large number of variations responding to clients’ needs for better flavor and teste. Our modern Japanese crackers made from non-glutinous rice flour mixed into a dough and formed into a variety of flat discs shapes that are baked or roasted.

Soy Sauce, sea lettuce, Wasabi, licorice, and much more of natural ingredients which Japanese people have enjoyed by for centuries.

The flavor of toasted crackers hot off grills is irresistible.


We have a wide variety of Japanese rice crackers available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and flavors and freshly roasted by artisan rice cracker manufacturers. The scent and Manufacturers, which produces our products are fully automated computerized production processes in accordance to high quality assurance system. Our products can be stored at room temperature, they require no freezer space. Energy can be saved for storing and transporting, making them products that are friendly to the environment.


We are committed to food safety, all of our suppliers have set up a comprehensive system of quality assurance procedures to meet Japanese and international standard of quality assurance management. In Japan, food products pass strict food inspections from production to delivery under Food Sanitation Law in Japan to provide secure and safe products for our clients.
We in East West Co., Ltd will continue to devote ourselves to providing our clients with high quality products that make the most of the highly characteristic healthfulness and safety of natural ingredients.